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    Logo procter and gamble gambling helpline malaysia Those who accepted the rumor as revealed truth pointed to P&G's “man in the moon” logo as proof of the company's ties to evil. They saw in the curlicues of the. May 21, - Since the s, a time when images rather than brand names proliferated in logos, P&G used the image of the man in the moon surrounded by 13 stars as the symbol of the company. The president of Procter and Gamble has NEVER appeared on The Sally Show NEVER. Nor has any other person in authority at P&G. P&G Phase Logo. Download: image/png icon P&G Phase Logo ( KB). PG logo Dark Blue. Download: image/png icon slotbaze.com

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    HOW TO BEAT THE CASINO ATX Hipster It was always there for those who would look. Snopes and the Snopes. Scott, Bill. This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat I thought Jenner was a she. Also, profits from any such corporation go to the stockholders
    Brand gambling Retrieved March 2, You should gather information of how the term "anti-Semitic" has been used in the last century, to what ends, against whom, in which contexts No Short Long. Full disclosure: Since the Palestinians as Arabs are Semites, this most certainly qualifies as antisemitic - naturally, this casino application iphone of Antisemitism is perfectly political correct.

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    For example, Kellogg's being started by a religious nut. Below is only one of many websites as a starter. One church father —St Augustine, IIRC—actually believed almost all of Genesis was solely metaphorical, and most other fathers were involved in debates about what actually happened and how much to take literally. It had gargoyles and statues of demons with ruby eyes. Jenner Ickham Errican Maybe you have a point: Today, unfortunately, the crescent moon is seen by a certain number of Americans as symbolic of the Islamic religion that they foolishly fear and abhor.


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