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  • Gambling on yom kippur

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    Gambling on yom kippur sia elastic heart remix clams casino Question: Is it permitted to play cards for money at a casino? Furthermore, is one permitted to work at a casino in a corporate level position? Answer: ב"ה. Shalom. Jul 11, - For example, the Torah commands casting lots to determine which goat is sent to Azazel on Yom Kippur (Leviticus ). In the Book of Jonah. For us, Yom Kippur is just beginning, but for him, it's already Simchat Torah He's Jews who spend the eve of the Holy Day drinking and gambling in a tavern?

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    How well do I really know myself? Rosh haShanah , Derashah , Judaism: In 16 th century France, the four kings were depicted as particular historical figures: Yehoshua 4 Tanach: Institutional Improvement 2 Jewish community: Gd took a chance on their future righteousness.

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    Rabbi Shlomo Riskin speaks about Yom Kippur "Torah Lights" 5779


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